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Monday, September 23, 2013 11:26 PM

This site, which began at in 1999, explores the origins of the Clingan surname in the United States, and also traces some lines back to Ireland. Many who married into Clingan families are also represented.

The genealogical database assembled at this site represents many years of effort by a group of dedicated Clingan researchers. I hope it enhances your own family search and opens up new research possibilities. If you are interested in Clingan genealogy, I encourage you to also visit the Clingan Connection page on Facebook.

There are two Clingan lines represented here:

  1. Descendants of three Clingan Brothers (George, William, and Thomas), who were born in the early 1720's, possibly in what is now Northern Ireland. They arrived in Pennsylvania about 1740.
  2. Descendants of William Clingan, Esq., who was born in 1756. He settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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