Margaret McFarland,

Margaret /McFarland/
Given names
MarriageThomas ClinganView this family

Birth of a sonWilliam Clingan
September 28, 1753
Birth of a daughterMary Clingan
September 1, 1755
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Birth of a sonGeorge Clingan
January 25, 1760
Birth of a daughterJenny Clingan
April 27, 1763
Marriage of a childJames ScottMary ClinganView this family
February 14, 1771
Citation details: Inspected at Lancaster County Historical Society, 12/27/1997
Birth of a grandsonAlexander Scott

Birth of a granddaughterMargaret Scott

Birth of a granddaughterSarah Scott

Birth of a grandsonThomas Scott

Presumed to be the second-born son, named after the maternal grandfather Thomas Clingan, per Scotch-Irish naming conventions.

Marriage of a childWilliam ClinganJane RoanView this family
June 11, 1778

Citation details: Second Series, Volume II, p. 352-353
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======= A WHIG WEDDING IN THE REVOLUTION - In Dunlap's _Pennsylvania Packet_ for June 17, 1778, then published at Lancaster during the occupation of Philadelphia by the British we find the following reference to the marriage of Jane, daughter of Rev. John Roan to William Clingan: "Was married last Thursday (June 11, 1778), Mr. William Clingan Jr., of Donegal, to Miss Jenny Roan, of Londonderry, both of this county of Lancaster, a sober, sensible, agreeable young couple, and very sincere Whigs. This marriage promises as much happiness as the state of things in this, our sinful world will admit. This was truly a Whig wedding, as there were present many young gentlemen and ladies, and not one of the gentlemen but had been out when called on in the service of the country, and it was well known that the groom in particular had proved his heroism as well as Whigism, in several battles and skirmishes. After the marriage was ended a motion was made and heartily agreed to by all present, that the young unmarried ladies should form themselves into an association by the name of Whig Association of the Unmarried Ladies of America, in which they should pledge thier honor that they would never give their hand in marriage to any gentleman until he had first proved himself a patriot, in readily turning out when called to defend his country from slavery, by a spirited and brave conduct as they would not wish to be the mothers of a race of slaves and cowards." All honor to the memories of those patriotic women of Dauphin in the War for Independence! =======

Birth of a grandsonWilliam Scott
October 9, 1781

Death of a husbandThomas Clingan
October 14, 1788
Marriage of a granddaughterThomas ScottRebecca DouglasView this family

Death of a sonWilliam Clingan
May 24, 1822

Death of a daughterMary Clingan
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Death of a grandsonThomas Scott
October 24, 1834

Death of a grandsonWilliam Scott
January 1, 1835


Family with Thomas Clingan
Birth: 1723
Death: October 14, 1788East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage Marriage1752
21 months
Birth: September 28, 1753 30East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: May 24, 1822
23 months
Birth: September 1, 1755 32East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 1824McConnellsburg, Fulton, Pennsylvania, USA
5 years
Birth: January 25, 1760 37East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
3 years
Birth: April 27, 1763 40East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA