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SourceA History of the Smelker Family
Date of entry in original source: May 22, 2010
Note: «i»The original of this document, I understand, wa…

«i»The original of this document, I understand, was a handwritten manuscript. I do not know how it reached my Aunt Betty (Frances Rebecca Anderson Mitchell), though it was likely via an acquaintance in the Huntingdon County area of Pennsylvania where she lived. Aunt Betty made a typewritten copy of the manuscript, trailing off either when she ran out of time, or when the relationships became too distant to be of interest. Aunt Betty gave me her typewritten copy sometime in the 1970s. From this copy, I filled in missing parts of our family tree (Godfra Smelker > daughter who married Peter Withington > John Withington > Francis Edward Withington, my great-grandfather). -- Cynthia Withington Nace Barnes, Cochranville, PA, May 19, 2002«/i»

SourceCharts prepared by Cynthia Withington Nace Barnes in late 1960's.

1 Child