Alexander Scott, 1773

Alexander /Scott/
Given names
Birth 1773 17

Birth of a sisterMargaret Scott
1775 (aged 2 years)

Birth of a sisterSarah Scott
1776 (aged 3 years)

Birth of a brotherThomas Scott
1778 (aged 5 years)

Presumed to be the second-born son, named after the maternal grandfather Thomas Clingan, per Scotch-Irish naming conventions.

Birth of a brotherWilliam Scott
October 9, 1781 (aged 8 years)

Death of a maternal grandfatherThomas Clingan
October 14, 1788 (aged 15 years)
Death of a fatherJames Scott
about 1807 (aged 34 years)
Citation details: Vols. 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, 1807-1825; Genealogical Society film JBH310
Date of entry in original source: December 29, 2000

C/184 10/5/1807: James Scott died intestate leaving 10 children: «tab»«tab»Adults: Mary, William «tab»«tab»Under 20: James, Franklin, Andrew, Margaret, Jane, [Ferrisa], Isabella «tab»Mary Scott and James [John?] McCammon, administrators «tab»Personal estate insufficient for payment of debts «tab»Want order for sale of one-third part of land to pay debts and for maintenance/education of minors «tab»Court orders sale on premises 11/27/1807 to highest bidder

C/207 12/10/1807 «tab»Unable to sell ("no person offering sufficient price") «tab»Court orders sale on 3/2/1808

C/225 March 1808 «tab»Sold to Thomas Holmes of Lancaster Co. for £250 (PA currency) «tab»Payable 4/1/1808

C/255 12/26/1808 «tab»Administrators produce accounting «tab»Balance of $1244.02 «tab»Court approves and orders distribution according to law «tab»Court also appoints Crabb,W--,Stubbs as auditors

C/276 March 1809 «tab»Administrators "could discover no title to any greater estate in the aforesaid plantation than the one equal «tab»«tab»third part which was sold." «tab»However, they did discover equitable title to one-sixth part exclusive of part sold «tab»Personal estate and previous proceeds insufficient to pay expenses «tab»Court orders sale of land on 3/31/1809 «tab»[ Reference to $100, possibly security for sale or some payment to administrators for services rendered ]

C/299 5/4/1809 «tab»Administrators report sale to Dennis Lynch of [unknown] Township in Lancaster County for $447

C/345 12/27/1809 «tab»Court appoints Bird, Green, and Hamilton as auditors

C/424 7/31/1810 «tab»Auditors met at John McCammon's house in Middletown «tab»( 3 pages of detailed accounting ) «tab»Now have $1720.35 in cash, including $29.33 cash received and $447 from Lynch property sale «tab»Paid some debts, leaving $556.46 «tab»Administrators want bonds from estate of John Long (for whom James Scott was acting executor) «tab»«tab»to be removed from this estate. Suspect that William Shaw and wife have claim against «tab»«tab»Scott estate for legacy under John Long's will. «tab»Report set aside

[ Now Roll 1640, but still film#JBH310 ] D/6 2/7/1812 «tab»Auditors' report set aside

D/475 12/27/1816 «tab»Bombach, Walker, and Abricks are appointed auditors

[ Roll 1640, Film#JBH311 ] E/610 5/3/1825 «tab»Forster, Maclean, and S---ack are appointed auditors «tab»Mentions "John McCammon, surviving adminstrator" «tab»Must report before 8/30/1825

E/641 9/20/1825 «tab»Report read and held under advisement «tab»In different handwriting: 12/6/1825 report confirmed «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»12/17/1825 After argument, report confirmed

Note: PA Archives Rolls 1639-1640.
Marriage of a siblingThomas ScottRebecca DouglasView this family
1812 (aged 39 years)

Death of a motherMary Clingan
1824 (aged 51 years)
Citation details: p. 27
Death of a brotherThomas Scott
October 24, 1834 (aged 61 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam Scott
January 1, 1835 (aged 62 years)


Family with parents
Birth: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: about 1807Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth: September 1, 1755 32East Donegal Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 1824McConnellsburg, Fulton, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage MarriageFebruary 14, 1771St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
3 years
3 years
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
4 years
younger brother
SourceNotes and Queries Historical and Genealogical / Chiefly Relating to Interior Pennsylvania
Citation details: Fourth Series, Volume I, p. 215 (Rev. Colin McFarquahr's membership roll for 1776)