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Mam-Mam's notebook states:
"Juliet Danner Nace was born in Chambersburg, Pa., and spent her girlhood there. She must have been a gay, attractive young woman-there are in the possession of her daughter poems written to her by young soldiers who were quartered just opposite her home. She was a member of Zion reformed Church in Chambersburg and a teacher in the first Infant Sunday School. Here she was married. Church records show that there were Wamplers on the church rolls at Zion Reformed for ninety-two years--members, trustees, and deacons-Aunt Orpha being the last of the name, at least, in Chambersburg. Juliet Nace came with her husband to McConnellsburg after their marriage. Her she was a devoted member of the Methodist Church, teaching in the S.S. and making herself greatly beloved. Years later one of her pupils said of her-"All I have ever made of myself I owe to Mrs. Julia Nace." Her family called her the most unselfish person that ever lived; and a daughter says of her, "She was the loveliest thing in my life." In the new Methodist Church of later years, her family has placed a window--the large window in the north end- in loving remembrance of this mother. Her later years were lived in Chambersburg where she died and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery. "Her children shall arise and call her blessed."

Johnston's book indicates that during the burning of Chambersburg by the Confederate Army, she and her sisters, Susan and May, helped to form a fire brigade and fought the fire, in defiance of the rebel resistance.

Johnston's book gives a Feb. 1 birthdate; death certificate gives Feb. 2.

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