Robertson's book, p238, indicates:

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Robertson's book, p238, indicates:
"J.R. Davison was a soldier of the Civil War, having served two enlistments, one with Lieut. Mercereau's Independent Cavalry Co., and, after the expiration of that enlistment, with the 21st Pa. Cav., until the close of the war. He spent the night on the porch of the McLean house in which Grant and Lee were at the time, arranging the terms of the surrender at Appomatox, and his Memoirs of these notable events were afterwards utilized by the Government. After the war, he engaged in the grain, coal and lumber business at Greencastle, Pa., till the time of his death, March 24, 1918. He was an elder of the Presbyterian Church for about forty years and active in the business and social affairs of the town."

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