From Mamam's Notebook: "William Dickson was born in the old Cross Keys Tavern which stood where the…

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From Mamam's Notebook: "William Dickson was born in the old Cross Keys Tavern which stood where the First National Bank is now. It was then owned by his uncle and aunt-Mark and Elizabeth Dickson. He was raised on the Dickson farm north of town-the brick farmhouse now owned by the Woodals- but most of his boyhood was spent with an uncle, George C. Scott, a merchant in Jacksonville, Ill. Returning to McConnellsburg, he bought a drug store and was in that business until he retired about 1910. He served two appointments as postmaster in McConnellsburg. He had many friends, was ready to trust anyone--had a quick ready wit, was generous and kind. He was a life long member and trustee of the Presbyterian Church. After his retirement he made his [home] with his daughter Alice Dickson Nace. It was here he died in 1913."

From David Scott Nace, writing about the Nace home in McConnellsburg: "Grandfather Dickson died in the back bedroom. He had lived with Mother and Dad, how long I do not know. I do know that it was long enough that Mother said for years she could smell cigar smoke in the clothes closet of that room."

Residence in 1860 (age 18) has not been located. He is living neither with his parents nor with George C. Scott.

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