This we know with some certainty about "our" Peter Withington:

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This we know with some certainty about "our" Peter Withington: He was born around 1780. He was married to an Unknown Smelker, daughter of Godfra Smelker. His son, John Wakefield Withington, was born in Greenwood (Belleville) in 1815. His daughter, Julia A. Withington, was born in 1818. In the 1850 census he was living with his daughter, Julia Bowersox, in Shirleysburg, and he was a saddler.

We think our Peter owned a tannery in Greenwood at one time: «u»<>«/u»

And we think he was the "new" resident of West Buffalo Township (Northumberland Co) in 1803, mentioned here: «u»<>«/u».

These Peter Withingtons appear in census data and fit the age, and we «i»believe«/i» that they are "our" Peter: 1800, aged 16-25, in Northumberland Co., West Buffalo Twp 1810, aged 26-44, in Northumberland Co., West Buffalo Twp, saddler 1820, aged 26-44, in Mifflin Co., Armaugh Twp, employed in manufacture 1830, aged 50-60, in Center Co., Gregg Twp 1840, aged 60-70, in Center Co., Gregg Twp, employed in manufactures and trades.

In the census data, there appears another Peter Withington, about 10 years older than ours. We think that he is our Peter's uncle, the son of Capt. Peter.

We have made use of several family websites that do not document sources. However, in our reading of historical documents, their family histories pertaining to our Withingtons seem plausible. So, probably, the pedigree goes like this:

John and Julia > our Peter Withington > Martin Withington > Capt. Peter Withington > Peter Withington > Peter Withington > David Withington > Charles Withington

See: «u» <>«/u» and «u»<>«/u»

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