The Daily News (Huntingdon and Mount Union, PA)

The Daily News (Huntingdon and Mount Union, PA)
Newspaper article about Petersburg flour mill murder
Date: 12/15/1971; News from Yesteryear: 80 Years Ago; p. 19

Wednesday evening Mr. Todd, an employe of Cresswell's Flouring Mill in Petersburg, looked through the coal hole into the cellar of the mill and was astonished to see the form of a man, apparently suspended by the neck. He informed Mr. Withington, another employe, and investigation found that the man had had his throat cut at the windpipe and he was suspended from a joist by means of a silk necktie, his body from the hips down being on the ground. A pool of blood was discovered about 10 feet from where he was hanging which leads to the supposition that he had been murdered and then suspended in this manner. It was ascertained that he was a Russian Jew named Maxwell Castino from Finland, aged about 35 and respectably clad. Papers indicated that he had been naturalized at Humboldt, California on the second day of January, 1890.

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Francis Edward Withington
October 8, 1843
179 Shirleysburg, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA
5 May 19, 1922
101 78 Petersburg, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA
Saturday, March 2, 2019 6:14 PM
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