William W. Withington Letter 1

William W. Withington Letter 1
William W. Withington Letter 1
William W. Withington
Letter addressed to his niece: Miss Mary Withington, Otelia, Huntingdon Co, Pa [age 13] Postmarked: Washington, D.C. Jul 30 87 2 30 PM Date: July 30, 1887

Washington D. C. July 18«sup»th«/sup» 1887
My Dear Neice,
Your very welcome letter was received several days ago and I was much pleased to hear from you. I would have answered sooner but I wanted to look around a little for a present for you before writing. I send you by this mail a new dress. There was only 5 & ¾ yards in the piece but the lady from whom I purchased it said there was enough for a dress for a girl of your age. They make the sleeves here for girls very tight up half way to the elbow, from there to the shoulder they make them puffed (very full). A dress made that way looks very pretty. I also put some other things in the package which I marked so you will understand who they are for.
The weather here is extremely warm but I don't seem to feel the heat here as much as I did up there. Yesterday I went down the river on a steam boat. The place I went to is called River View and it is a delightful place. It is one of the summer resorts of the Maryland shore about 15 miles from here. The boat was crowded there were over 1000 people on Board and a Brass Band. We had a very pleasant time and returned to the city about 8.30 PM. During the trip down there was a thunder storm and the wind blew so hard that the boat could not make the landing at River View for half an hour after we got there. On the 4«sup»th«/sup» I was down at Bay Ridge a summer resort on the Chesapeak Bay about five miles below Annapolis the Capital of Maryland. There were over ten thousand people there. Many went in Bathing in the surf both men and women. The bathing costumes of some of the girls were very pretty. The cars on the way down were crowded. It is about 45 miles and the fare for the round trip was only one dollar. The fare to River View and back by steam boat is only 25 cents.
The other day as I was passing the Presidents house I met a lady who was the very picture of your mother when she was a girl. I was so struck by the resemblance that I was almost tempted to stop her and ask who she was. I see by the city directory that there are several people in Washington by the name of Rhorer, also some by the name of Withington. One is «u»Rev«/u» «u»William«/u» «u»Withington«/u». He got one of my letters and opened it. He returned it to the post office. His residence is on F Street North West. I intend to call on him. «u»Well«/u» «u»Mollie«/u»! How are you and the girls getting along? I want you to take good care of yourselves and see how much you can grow by the time I go up in the fall. How is Papa & Mamma and your Uncle Will Rhorer & Family. Is Adam still working at Giffords spring house. Tell him to hurry up and get it done or Grover Cleveland will get tired waiting for him to come down.
I saw President Cleveland and wife on last Saturday evening a week. They came out and took seats on the verandah at the south front of the White House to listen to the Marine Band which was playing on the lawn. Mrs. Cleveland is a lovely looking woman. She is a great favorite with all classes. There was a big crowd on the grounds but they did not pay much attention to the President & wife. Of course those in the crowd who had never seen them went up close enough as they promenaded around the grounds, to get a good look at them.
Your Papa said he would write me soon but has not dome so. I want you to write me as soon as you get your dress & let me know whether it pleases you and whether there was enough stuff. Remember me to Papa, Mamma, and the girls, also to Grand Pa & Grand Ma Rorer & family & to all the rest of the folks and give my compliments to «u»Jo«/u» «u»Bard«/u» the first time you see her. Write soon.
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Your Uncle
Tell your uncle Adam that carpenters get three dollars a day here and get paid every Saturday evening.
Mary instead of sending dress by mail I send a box by express addressed to your Papa Newton Hamilton. The dress will be in the box. Tell Ella that I will answer her letter, which I received day before yesterday, soon. It has been very hot here for several days. I am going down the River tomorrow on a Steam Boat. Write soon as you get your box.

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