William W. Withington Letter 2

William W. Withington Letter 2
William W. Withington Letter 2
William W. Withington
Letter addressed to his niece: Miss Mary Withington, Otelia, Huntingdon Co, Pa [age 16]
Postmarked: Washington, D.C. Aug 1 5 30 PM
Date: August 1, 1890

Washington D. C. Aug 1«sup»st«/sup», 1890
Dear Mary,
I received your letter this morning and you may know I appreciated when I give it such an early reply. The only fault I have to find with it is that it is altogether too short. I am a rapid reader and I get through with a letter very quickly especially when it is short. I probably would not write quite so soon but I have concluded that it is too hot for me to go up north now and I want to let you know in time so that you won't be expecting me. I think I will have a better time if I go later, so I shall probably not go till in October then it will be cooler and I can have a better time getting around.
Last Sunday I went down the Potomac for about 50 miles on a Steam boat excursion and had a grand time. The place we went to is on the Maryland shore of the Potomac and is a regular summer resort. The river at that point is about seven or eight miles wide and looks more like a lake than a river. The water is salty and good for bathing. I had a good bath but I did not have «u»a«/u» «u»girl«/u» in with me this time. But there were lots of girls in bathing at the same time I was in. I had intended going to Bay Ridge on the cars the same day with a party of friends but it looked for rain in the morning and they did not come to the station and so I made up my that instead of going to Bay Ridge I would take a sail down the Potomac River. The fare to Clifton Beach on the boat is only 25 cents for a ride of about 100 miles. There was a band of music on the boat and they played a good deal both going and coming. I wish you could be here to go with me on some of these excursions. They go every day in the week Sunday included and are very pleasant. I think next year I will have you here part of the time at least if I stay in Washington and I suppose I will. I would like awful well to be up time camp meeting to see the folks who may be in attendance but I have an idea that it will be hot and dusty and that there would not be much pleasure in it for me. Here in the city there is very little dust as the streets are all laid with concrete which becomes hard as stone almost and very little dust can accumulate. If there is fair weather I presume there will be an immense crowd at camp as I see by the papers that a big crowd is expected. Is Mrs G. going to take a tent this year? I suppose she will, as she has been doing so for several years.
Give Tillie my kindest regards in return for hers sent by you and tell her that she thought as much of me as I do of her she would send them oftener. Is Annie Johnston up there yet and where is Lowrie? I have heard nothing about him since last spring. And how about the Bards? Are the girls coming home for camp? Does Alf still live on the farm? And what has become of Alice? Does Aunt Mary Beatty still live up in the hollow? And where is Bill Beatty. What kind of a barn did Uncle George Wakefield build? And is it in the same place as the old one? Now my dear you must take this letter when you write and read it over or you will forget my various questions. I always like to know about the folks up there and I can't find out unless you girls or your mamma tells me. I must now close as I have another letter to write. Have you a nice parasol? If you have not let me know «u»and«/u» «u»perhaps«/u» «u»you«/u» «u»may«/u» «u»get«/u» «u»a«/u» «u»nice«/u» «u»one«/u» «u»from«/u» «u»here«/u». You see I want you to look nice and when I go up I think I will take you something nice too. Write soon and a good long letter full of news and don't forget to tell Mrs G. what I told you and then tell me what she said. Love to all.
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Your Uncle,
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»W. W. Withington
P.S. Should I conclude to go up to camp I will write you before hand, but it is not likely that will go.

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