William W. Withington Letter 3

William W. Withington Letter 3

William W. Withington Letter 3

William W. Withington

Letter addressed to his niece: Mary [age 18] Postmarked: – No envelope Date: May 30, 1892


Washington, D.C. May 30«sup»th«/sup», 1892 Dear Mary,

«tab»Your letter came duly to hand and was very much appreciated. You are getting to be one of my most interesting correspondents and have improved wonderfully in your style of writing. I am glad you like teaching better than you expected. I always thought Ella would be the "School «u»Marm«/u»" of the family but it seems you have got ahead of her, by the way Ella I believe owes me a letter. The girls don't think of writing quite as much as they did at Otelia. Of Course they have more to occupy their minds since moving to town and have lost interest in writing - indeed I am getting to be quite indifferent about writing myself and do not do near so much of it as I used to do, still I like to get letters and would be glad to hear from all the girls occasionally. I had a letter from Aunt Affie some time ago in which she said Ella and Carrie had joined the Methodist Church, so I suppose I must quit calling Carrie "my little Presbyterian." But it is all right and I am glad to know that she and Ella have united with the Church. «tab»Charles Montgomery sent me an invitation to be present at the commencement exercises of the Huntingdon High School last week. I regretted very much that I could not attend as I see his name in the graduating list. Did you go down? I think Charles is endowed with superior gifts mentally and if he takes care of them will make his mark in the world. I have just finished a letter to him. On Saturday I was down the Potomac on one of the large excursion steamers and spent a very pleasant day at River View - it grows more attractive each year and has become a very popular resort for Washingtonians who desire occasionally to get out into the country. I wish you could have been with me. I know you would have enjoyed yourself - sometime I hope to have you pay a visit to Washington. I think you would like it and besides it would be of advantage to you to get out of the narrow limits of Petersburg and see something of the world. This season bids fair to surpass all former seasons for attractive excursions which are scheduled for the people of the city. One can go almost anywhere at very cheap rates and have a good time. «tab»I expect to go up about the middle of June for a little vacation of two weeks. I had intended going the last of this month but could not get off. I expect to put in the time at Petersburg, Huntingdon and Otelia and of course can't stay long at either place on such limited time but I want to sped a few days at Petersburg and see how your new position as a teacher «u»fits«/u» «u»you«/u». I suppose as Blanche has a beau now the next will be a wedding at Aunt Ackies. Is Mr. Hoffman a son of John Hoffman, clerk in the Grange Store? I think he had two boys if I remember right. Does your Uncle Adam live at the same place? You must write before I go up. «tab»Give my love to the family and accept the same for yourself. I must close as it is getting late it is only 15 minutes to 12 o'clock and I ought to be in bed. I had quite a sick spell recently but am all right now. Hope you are all well. «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Your Affectionate Uncle, «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»W. W. W.



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William W. Withington
December 6, 1839
181 Mill Hall, Clinton, Pennsylvania, USA
0 November 13, 1907
114 67 Mount Union, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA
Saturday, March 9, 2019 5:34 AM
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