Obituary of Hetty Dickson Bergstresser

Obituary of Hetty Dickson Bergstresser
Obituary of Hetty Dickson Bergstresser

"MRS. HETTY BERGSTRESSER On Wednesday night, October 15, 1902, occurred the death of the above at the home of her son-in-law James Barnet in Wells Valley this county. She was the last member of an old and well known family of Fulton county, and at death was aged 82 years, 4 months and 16 days.

Her father James Dickson was born in Maryland, September 7, 1776, and in 1880, was married to Miss Hannah McMasters, who was born in Berks county, Pa., July 16, 1775. They moved to Wells Valley, purchased a fine tract of land in the central part of the valley, and went to work to improve the same.

To them were born seven children all of whom lived to a good age: Betty, born December 29, 1802, never married ; Mary, December 29, 1804 ; Jane, March 10, 1806 ; Mark, May 10, 1812 ; Margaret, September 5, 1814; John, September 10, 1817; Hester, May 29, 1820.

Jane married John Foot, some of whose otfspring still reside in Wells Valley.

Mark, December 26, 1839, married Miss Maria Clingan Scott, sister of Dr. Samuel D. Scott formerly of this county and a sister of our townsman, George C. Scott.

The children and grand-children of Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, in our midst are among our best people.

Margaret was married to James Alexander, of McConnellsburg and they lived in their home, now the property of their daughter, Mrs. Sarah Cooper.

John was married to Eliza Ann Speer, of Wells Valley, and were the parents of T. Speer Dickson of the Media Ledger.

In 1848, Hester Dickson married Theodore Bergstresser, brother of Lewis and Wilson late of Waterfall, Pa., and an uncle of Mrs. E. A. Largent and of the writer.

Seven children were born to them, three of whom survive the mother Daniel S., and Margaret wife of Jacob Deaver of Waterfall and Isabella, wife of James Barnet Wells Valley.

She was reared a Presbyterian but after the marriage of the deceased she with her husband, join ed the Methodist Episcopal church and lived a consistent Christian life. Her husband died 27 years ago. kIn her last illness caused by pueumonia, kind hands administered to all her wants, and at her death, her body was laid in the cemetery at Wells Valley M. E. church beside those of her husband."

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